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No Ordinary Words



Contributing to this book has got to be one of the most 

challenging things I have done in my life and I don't say that lightly or trivially.  However, in that moment when I put my hand   up (metaphorically speaking) to take part, it was one of the clearest and easiest decisions I have ever made. It was like an Inner knowing that it just had to happen and that was the end of it. I knew instantly as the opportunity arose about what I needed to write about. We each (all 33 women) had a chapter to write and the brief, as I remember it anyway was to write about a life experience or wisdom we wanted to pass on to other women.

The topic  for me was just set in place like a dried concrete so firmly set that no matter how much you hit it,  it simply would not break apart. This did make me rather uncomfortable, as I knew there was so much to consider in writing on this topic. Not only was it the emotional impact on myself but those closest to me, family. I decided there and then that once it was written if my parents and husband read it and agreed,...then it was happening, no matter how much my ego kicked, screamed and shouted resistance. 

My one and only reason contribute to this book was to help

someone. I didn't know who exactly, but I told myself that if

one person could feel less alone or was able to gain some

support or clarity from my words, then it was more than

worth any uncomfortable feelings that came up for me. 

So what did I write about.... the title is perception of

perfection and in brief my chapter is about my life and

some of the struggles I have had with mental health issues

such as anxiety, an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.

It's about living in resistance and fear out of needing to be perfect and not living life to it's full potential. I hope reading it really makes sense of my passion and drive to do what I do for work. I love to think that my experiences are actually a blessing I can use to help others. They have given me genuine empathy and understanding as I really have felt the pain.

There are stories and wisdom from 33 women within these pages, all completely different and not all about mental health, but all just as strong and courageous whatever the topic they chose. I feel that any women that reads it will resonate with at least one chapter and gain some healing, understanding or connection. The official introduction to the book is below.


I have copies to sell at Aurora but it is available at Amazon on paperback and kindle. The audio book is also in the making! 

No Ordinary Words Book cover.png

Book Introduction


This is an imperfect book. 


The imperfections are what make it real. We are real women sharing our lives with you on the page, hoping to show you that we are connected, that we can rise, that we have an abundance of wisdom that will help change the world.


There will be chapters that speak to you and some that don’t...yet. Yes, we could have had a greater representation of women, yes, we could have covered more topics, but we didn’t want to be paralsyed by perfection when we had truths to tell. Any woman speaking up in love and wisdom is a voice to be treasured.


No Ordinary Words started whilst watching my dear friend and author Danielle Macleod speak about her story online. I was suddenly hooked with an intense curiosity; I knew all the women watching along with me had wisdom to share and I wanted to know their stories too. The title of Danielle’s book Remarkably Easy, was like a wake up call. It might be a challenge for many of us to write a book alone, but it could be remarkably easy if we did it together. I asked who wanted to write the book with me and overnight our literary sisterhood was born.


The honesty with which we have written this book hasn’t always been easy. Many of us have been through a sort of writer’s therapy with our chapters, finding a healing from writing our words. Yet we have held you in our thoughts at every stage dear reader, and, as you read, we hope you feel a conversation flow between us.


Our aim is to create a book that is of service to others and it is with this intention that all proceeds are going to two women’s charities; TreeSisters and She Has Hope. Both these charities commit to incredible change in the world and we thank you for buying this book to support them.


All our lives are extraordinary, sometimes we just have to take the time to share them.


Kelly Herrick



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