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I have been an intuitive holistic therapist for 21 years, ran my own

therapy room, Aurora for 11 years, but have been an intuitive

empath all of my life.


I have had the inner knowing that I am meant to help and serve

the world since I can remember. It is only very recently that I am

now stepping into my true self and realising what my calling is. 


I have had struggles with my own mental health throughout

different periods of my life with anxiety, depression, an eating

disorder and body dysmorphia and this has sent me on a journey

of self discovery and healing. My experiences however bad they

may have seemed at the time, I see now as a gift, as I now have

such understanding and empathy with so many other women which means I can help them so much more deeply and show them the beautiful possibilities for change. 


I know that I am here to help women to let go of all that is stopping them being truly happy and thriving. This may be stress, anxiety, fear, low self esteem or trauma for example. I can help them to shine there own beautiful light out into the world and thrive instead of survive.


I offer one to one holistic therapy sessions including massage, organic facials and reflexology to reiki, crystals and intuitive healing. These are all from my peaceful treatment room in Findern, Derby and I love this work.


I also have a mission. My mission is to heal and make a positive difference to at least a million women,… and so I have recently I expanded into new possibilities that go beyond just working one to one.

*I have contributed to a book where I speak openly about my experiences with mental health. 

*Creating landscape energy art

*Channelled meditations

*In person and online workshops


Aside from my work that I love, I also can't get enough of hiking and being outdoors with my husband as it brings me such joy and connection. Richi (my husband) is a landscape photographer so our passion for the beauty of nature is definitely mutual.  

If you would like to immerse yourself in nature feel free to follow him instagram here


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