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Your First Visit To Aurora & Frequently
Asked Questions

Do you have parking?

Yes, as Aurora is a home based therapy room in Findern Village, Derby. There is free parking right outside my door. I have a large drive with plenty of room so please park there. If for some reason you cannot park on the drive then you can also park on the street but please only do this if really necessary. 

What payment methods do you accept?


Credit & Debit Card 

Apple & Google Pay

What is your cancellation policy?

For Appointment cancellations a minimum of 72 hours notice is required.

For appointment rescheduling, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required.  

Less notice time will result in a 50% charge. Within 5 hours of your appointment or a no show, the full cost of the treatment may be charged unless the slot becomes filled.

This policy also applies for gift voucher appointments (the cost will be taken off the value of the voucher).

What time should I arrive?

Your appointment time is in fact your arrival time, and the time that I will answer the door to you. Please ring the bell at this time and not before.  Please also allow enough time for your journey and then wait until the time of your appointment. If you are late, your appointment time may need to be reduced. If you ring the bell/ knock at your appointment time and I do not answer straight away, please just wait for me to come to the door.

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