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Intuitive Holistic Therapies

ADD ON OPTION TO ANY HOLISTIC THERAPY BELOW (not relevant to distance healing)

Never want to leave after your session...

Why not have 15 minutes to yourself after your session to stay on the treatment couch, in that beautiful relaxed state, lie back, listen to the soothing music and drift away.

15 minutes £8.00


available in person or distantly via video call or telephone

Intuitive healing and coaching will unlock and release issues within your energetic system which are keeping you from living your most balanced, thriving, aligned and happy life. The aim is to find the root cause of what is blocking you, physically, emotionally or spiritually, through spiritual guidance and intuition.


What can intuitive healing help with?  (The list is endless as actually it can help with any issues emotionally, physically and spiritually but here are some of the common blockages/ issues I find people are seeking my help with):

Release from anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, monkey mind (overthinking, repetitive thoughts), low mood, feeling stuck, indecisiveness, trauma, guilt, grief, relationship issues, feelings of unworthiness, physical ailments & pain, poor lifestyle habits. 

What happens during a session?

(Every session is completely unique, as your energy and needs are also unique. During the session you receive a combination of the following):

Healing: reiki, crystal, sound, shamanic.

Meditation/ Visualisation: guided and channelled by me at the time .

Massage: Pressure point massage, releasing shoulder/ head or foot massage.

Coaching: Intuitively guided coaching

Tools to take home: personalised affirmations, journal prompts, meditations, visualisations, new ways of thinking.

Messages/ Guidance: from your higher self/ angels/ guides.

How many sessions do I need?

This is down to your individual situation, goals and desires. So much can be accomplished in one session, but it is so helpful to continue the journey, which is why I offer a discount for packages of sessions.

How do the distance sessions take place?

For people that need or would prefer a treatment from home. Energy can be sent to anywhere and to anyone/ anything in the world. Sessions will take place either on video call or over the phone. 

1 hour in person £55.00              *Pay for FOUR 1 hour sessions upfront £187.00

90 minutes in person £70.00       *Pay for FOUR 90 minute sessions upfront £238.00 

1 hour distance £50.00                *Pay for FOUR 1 hour sessions upfront £170.00

*To be used within a 12 week period



Reflexology is now a widely recognised for it’s physical and emotional benefits.

The feet are divided up into sections called zones. Each zone represents a part of the body because they share the same energy pathway. These zones are worked upon during a reflexology treatment to help the body to balance and ‘heal’ itself, by unblocking these energy paths. They can become blocked due to

illnesses or stresses, but also vice versa, the energy blockages will prevent the bodies systems from working as efficiently.

1 hour £50.00

*Pay for FOUR 1 hour sessions upfront £170.00

*To be used within a 12 week period


Go on a journey of complete healing and relaxation. Become infused by aromatherapy oils blended perfectly for your needs, lie back and let go. This is a full body massage experience combining reiki and a personalised journey through meditation and sound to take you on the healing experience you need on that day weather that is to release tension, relax the mind or feel invigorated for the future. 

1 hour                    £54.00          *Pay for FOUR sessions upfront £184.00

75 minutes (new)    £61.00          *Pay for FOUR sessions upfront £208.00

1 1/2 hours             £67.00          *Pay for FOUR sessions upfront £228.00

*To be used within a 12 week period


Hopi ear candles were originally used by Native American Hopi Indians to cleanse and harmonise their energy. They are now becoming more popular for medicinal reasons and are widely recommended by doctors as a safer, pain free alternative to ear syringing.  They can give real benefits to many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat as well as being a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.


What can the treatment help with?

Removing wax from the ears safely & painlessly

Reduces effects of menieres and neuralgia 

Strengthening the immune system

Sinus congestion and sinusitis

Headaches/ migraine 


Glue ear


Vertigo and dizziness 


Improving hearing 

Relaxation and bringing a sense of well being


40 minutes £35.00




If you are unsure which/ if any therapy or retreat is right for you then a clarity call with me is perfect for you. This is a chat either by video call or over the phone (whatever you prefer). You can tell me about what you would love me to help you with or the reason you were looking for a therapy/ retreat. You can ask me questions and we can get to know each other to see if what I am offering is the right fit for you without any pressure.

Booking for a clarity call is available on my booking system

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