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I have been an intuitive holistic therapist for 22 years, ran my

therapy room, Aurora for 13 years, but have been an intuitive

empath all of my life.


I am now fully embracing my natural abilities and

deep desire to impact as many women as possible by stepping into my

role as an intuitive transformational coach and healer.


I have had struggles with my own mental health throughout

different periods of my life with anxiety, panic attacks, physical tics,

an eating disorder and body dysmorphia and this has sent me on a

journey of self discovery and healing. My experiences however bad they

may have seemed at the time, have gifted me with understanding and

empathy for other women that feel not quite good enough and not worthy of being fully themselves. Because of this I can show them the beautiful possibilities for change and guide them the way. 


I know that I am here to help women to break the patterns of negative thinking about themselves, to relieve their anxiety, by connecting them to the truth that they are worthy and more than enough. I help them to shine their own beautiful light out into the world and thrive instead of survive. To create the most wonderful life for themselves. The life that they dream of, the life they deserve!


Aside from my work that I love, I am a mummy to little Logan who was born August 2023. He is my world along with my husband Rich. We love our family time together and can't get enough of the outdoors, connecting with nature and hiking and to be honest...stopping off at a lot more cafes nowadays!

Rich is a landscape photographer so he always has his second baby (his camera) in hand when we go out. If you would like to immerse yourself in nature feel free to follow him instagram here


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