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Helping women to let go of stress, anxiety, low self esteem and all that is holding them back, so that they can thrive, not just survive.

One To One Therapies - Day & Weekend Retreats - Online Workshops - Meditation

I booked in for Intuitive healing with Donna after booking for a retreat day! Donna realised I needed her help before this & reached out to me. I'll be forever grateful 🙏, she recognised I needed support before this group session. I'll be honest, I didn't entirely know what to expect & I was a little apprehensive. Donna explained my treatment before, I felt at ease straight away with her & trusted her. I felt at peace throughout my treatment. I came away feeling lighter within myself, even now I don't know how she did it but Donna took alot of the negative thoughts away from my mind. I understand it sounds strange but I can honestly say she works for you to make you feel better. I've booked in again without hesitation!



Oh where to begin? I have now had 3 intuitive healing and coaching experiences with Donna and each one has been totally different but equally AMAZING! It is difficult to put into words the changes I have/am experiencing, I feel so much more at peace with all that has been, completely present with the now and beyond excited to see where my journey takes me. It wasn't easy to take that first step but Oh Boy! it was so the right thing to do.





If you are unsure which/ if any therapy or retreat is right for you then a clarity call with me is perfect for you. This is a chat either by video call or over the phone (whatever you prefer). You can tell me about what you would love me to help you with or the reason you were looking for a therapy/ retreat. You can ask me questions and we can get to know each other to see if what I am offering is the right fit for you without any pressure.

Booking for a clarity call is available via my online booking system

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